Zwolle Westenholte Noord
The Polder Wave - What’s under the Dutch carpet ?

Speed, infrastructure and landscape
Speed has become the key factor. Going fast is travelling along an unique horizon. Slowing down is rediscovering the vertical dimension. The Polder Wave’s intention is to play with this perception range and decline the project, in its urbanity and its landscape dimension, along the speed, the geography and the structure lines of the site.
Waving the polder The project is about a variation around the wave, the invention of a landscape playing with itself, rising slowly and becoming a new settlement of green housing protected by their vegetalized roofs.
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Zwolle train
Zwolle train
Under the Dutch carpet
This conception that deals with geography, landscape and architectural invention is also the revelatory of new stage in the reflection conducted around the housing facilities. The carpet is the flat and hypnotic landscape that one can see from an aerial map of the area. Initiating the Polder Wave it’s searching the Dutch identity and pushing forward the creation level. It’s initiating a new range of green, ecological, rural but yet urban, telluric founded building. The ensemble is like an emergence coming from the underground, from under carpet mixing together new and old, infrastructure, architecture and landscape.
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Territory map
Territory map
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Aerial View
Aerial View
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Concept
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Coupe type V2
Coupe type V2
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Masterplan
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Section
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - On the roof
On the roof
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - The train station
The train station
Projet : ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL)
Programme :
Urbanisme / Concours urbain
Date : 2005
Etat : Concours
Client : Europan Netherlands
ZWO - Europan 8 Zwolle (NL) - Interior landscape
Interior landscape